Post-Thanksgiving food ratings for other holiday dinners

Our Thanksgiving Table... missing a few chairs

Thanksgiving turned out fantastically. Again we had TONS of food, not really due to our own prolific-ness, but that of E’s father who is a very good cook. He even made a smoked turkey breast (I know!)

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Recipe Round-up: Treats for holiday parties

Every week (or so) I post a list of recipes that have caught my eye from other food blogs around the web. Here are some that I’m itching to try for the holiday parties we are hosting and attending this weekend.

We’ve got blue cheese and fig crackers, brownies, pecan pie, toffee and pralines!

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Thanksgiving Plan: Recipe Round-up

We’re hosting Thanksgiving again this year and although we’ve attempted to simplify things, I’m not SO sure we’ve really succeeded in that. We are delegating some things: rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, apple pie, appetizers, but we’re handling the heavy hitters. Here’s what I have in mind: Continue reading

Weekly Recipe Roundup: Dessert, Breakfast, Appetizers (in that order)

Halloween is just around the corner and Food52 (aka. A+M Blog) just posted an extended tutorial on how to make salted pumpkin caramels with pepitas! I love caramel so much, I used to sneak into the bag of Bracht’s caramels my parents kept on the top shelf of the cabinet in the kitchen and steal one or two to eat while watching cartoons when I was little. I still love them that much, but I don’t have to sneak them anymore. But with sea-salt and pepitas? YES PLEASE. I haven’t had much luck with making candy at high altitude thus far, but this is certainly a recipe I want to try.

Via Food52
Continuing the salted caramel kick, but this time with ICE CREAM, Brooklyn Supper whipped up some salted caramel ice cream (from a recipe by David Lebowitz) that looks fantastic. I think the only thing I might do when I make this recipe is cover it in dark chocolate…
For something completely and possibly obnoxiously different than these salty-sweet delights, Dinner Tonight has a new take on the old breakfast sandwich: Chorizo breakfast sandwich with sage pesto. Sage pesto? I’ve never thought of that, but it sounds lovely. Plus, my mom has a garden full of it.
And finally, Matt Bites has posted a recipe for tostones con mojo. Have you ever made tostones? They’re  made with plantains which look a lot like bananas, but are much starchier. So, you have to cook them. One way is to slice them into rounds, fry them, smash them and fry them again: tostones. Matt serves his with mojo, a cilantro and garlic dip. It sounds delicious. And simple. I can imagine serving these the next time people come over to watch football for a new twist on chips and guacamole. (Nah, I don’t think I can live without guacamole.) 

Addendum: Serious Eats also has an article about scotch pairings with chocolate. Talk about a Halloween delight!

Weekly Recipe Roundup

Well, maybe this will have to be a regular part of this blog– there is just more stuff I’d like to try than time and money to cook, let alone enough mouths to cook for. For now, here are some of the recipes that have me drooling this week:

Donna Hay’s chocolate crème caramels with hazelnut toffee.

What Kate Ate’s Individual Devil’s Food Cakes with Salted Butterscotch Caramel Sauce

Matt Bites’ Vegetable Crumble

Simply Recipes Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Sauce

In other news, I think it is going to frost here in Colorado tonight so I’ll be making pesto tonight. We’ve also been talking about making our own ketchup or marinara sauce to can, and pickled green tomatoes. When that happens, I’ll make sure to keep you in the know!

Recipe Round-up

Well, it has been some time since we’ve updated this blog. It has not had anything much to do in a decrease in cooking, per se, but more a decrease in fantastic delectable delights. We’ve been eating pretty close to the ground this summer– grilling garden veggies, chopping tomatoes for bruschetta, and generally making quite simple food that seems too mundane to blog about.


But, other bloggers are QUITE busy, and I’ve been accumulating some recipes from around the internet that I think will be tasty and worthy of a trip to the kitchen.

First, there’s this delicious looking sour cherry upside-down cake from Brooklyn Supper. I’m new to Brooklyn Supper, but I am recently enamored. Besides the cake, there is a recipe for home made bloody mary mix for goodness sakes!

Speaking of being enamored, I am also a proponent of  entree salads these days. All kinds are fair game, but this skirt-steak salad with arugula and blue cheese from Smitten Kitchen looks just lovely. I’m not even usually that keen on steak, but the idea of combining garden cherry tomatoes and late summer arugula along with blue cheese just makes my mouth water…

Dinner Tonight also has a recipe for a steak salad, although this one is Thai and is called Yam Neua with cucumbers, mint and other delicious things. To round out a possible Thai-inspired meal,  Simply Recipes had a recipe for Thai Green Curry with Eggplants.

Or, there is a different kind of curry discussed by Dinner Tonight which made with green tomatoes; apparently an Indian specialty. I’m really interested to try this when the weather cools down enough that I can give up on seeing the green ones in our garden turn red!

And yesterday a good friend forwarded this recipe from Mark Bittman’s Minimalist column in the New York Times. I think I’ll save this recipe for when the weather cools off a bit here (it was still quite warm here in Denver this past week), but it looks lovely: Chickpea Tagine with Chicken and Apricots. The last time I was in New York City, some friends took us to a lovely Moroccan restaurant where we had a meal similar to this and burnt our mouths on the (new to me at the time) harissa. I’m looking forward to giving it a shot and seeing how it is different from another tagine I made earlier this year with plums and kumquats in addition to the chicken.

Our zucchini plant is not being quite as prolific as it was during the boom-time of the summer, but it is still craking those suckers out. 101 Cookbooks has a very interesting recipe for Quick Pickled Zucchini which I think could be quite fun… and delicious… and a great way to make summer last just a little bit longer.