Welcome to the Spice Raconteurs food blog. We’re a couple of home-chefs using this space to record our new favorite family recipes. Stephanie does most of the writing, photography and posting around here, but Trey contributes with beer reviews, commentary on Denver restaurant reviews and other such delights.

We’d love it if you follow our journey through food and life. And please contribute constructively to this virtual cook book.

We’ll try to focus most of our recipes on healthy, quick and relatively easy week-night meals to help you stay healthy and fed after a busy day at work. But Stephanie has a soft spot for desserts and more involved faire, too. And sometimes we like to entertain so we’ll provide some inspiration for your next fete.

rac·on·teur/ˌrakˌänˈtər (n.): A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.


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