Recipe Round-up: Treats for holiday parties

Every week (or so) I post a list of recipes that have caught my eye from other food blogs around the web. Here are some that I’m itching to try for the holiday parties we are hosting and attending this weekend.

We’ve got blue cheese and fig crackers, brownies, pecan pie, toffee and pralines!

Fig & Blue Cheese Savories via Food52… Cute little blue cheese studded biscuits with a thumbprint of good fig jam sound like a perfect savory treat in a holiday saturated with sweetness.

And now for the sweetness:

Alice’s New Chocolate Brownies via MattBites…. I’m a sucker for chocolate and when brownies are described with such righteous claim to them being “the best” I have to try them. Also, you put the metal pan in an icebath after cooking and a suggested addition are tart dried cherries. Sounds interesting to say the least!

Chocolate Pecan Pie via David Lebovitz… I really like: a) chocolate, b) pecans, c) pie, and d) everything DL creates. So, this seems to be an excellent choice.

Lia’s Butter Toffee via Pioneer Woman… I tried to make toffee last year and it ended in something tasty but not quite toffee, so I’m excited to try this version with excellent pictures to walk me through it

Pralines via Simply Recipes… When we went to New Orleans for our honeymoon we stocked up on delicious pralines and they almost didn’t last the plane flight home. So, these sound like another fun candy to try concocting!


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