Amazing pumpkin caramels with sea salt

Remember last month when I mentioned in a weekly recipe round-up that I found a recipe for some delicious looking caramels? Ones with pumpkin in them, and pepitas, and sea salt?


I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but these were probably some of the best caramels I’ve ever had. And, yes, it could be because I’ve never made caramel before that I was so taken with them, but I don’t think so. Instead, I think it was their¬†delicious balance of sweet and salty and spicy, chewy and crunchy. The roasted pepitas make the caramels look beautiful while the pumpkin pie spice and the sea salt elevate the caramels to the next level. I’m no expert at making candy so instead of talking about any changes I made, I’ll just tell you: follow this recipe on Food52. It will tell you everything you need to know (with pictures).

I made these to take to a Halloween party and they were a hit. Because of the subtle pumpkin flavors, I think they’d also make a lovely hostess gift if you’re heading somewhere for Thanksgiving. Or, if you want to make something special for the Holidays, I think the caramel base would also be amazing made into turtles (ie. caramel drizzled over 5 pecans, then topped with chocolate.) Oh yes. I’ll update when I make those again.

My only other hint is that you really should wrap them in waxed paper as soon as they’re ready. The waxed paper helps them keep their shape. In the picture above you can see that I didn’t do it immediately and they got a little squished looking. Still delicious though.


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