Spice Raconteur’s 25 (more) Things to Taste

Denver, CO

Denver Magazine Just came out with their opinion on 100 Things to Taste in and around Denver. We’ve assembled our own list of things that could have been included.

  1. Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle Ice Cream – Sweet Action Ice Cream
  2. Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream – Red Trolley Ice Cream
  3. Hen of the Woods Poutine (Porcini mushrooms and cheddar cheese curds) – Euclid Hall
  4. Blackberry-Sage Smash – Steubens
  5. Pizza Siciliana- Parisi’s
  6. Pho and/or Vietnamese Eggrolls – New Saigon
  7. Housemade Bloody Mary – Shazz Cafe and Bar
  8. Reuben – Masterpiece Delicatessen
  9. Cheeseburger – Bang!
  10. Chocolate and fleur de sel caramel tart – Olivea
  11. Burbon-style whiskey – Stranahan’s Distilery / Rackhouse Pub (also try their wasabi mayo!)
  12. Colette (Summer seasonal brew) – Great Divide Brewery
  13. Dylan’s Masa Fried Oyster Shooters – Delite
  14. Chicken & Waffles – The Corner Office
  15. Bhakti Chai – Various independent coffee shops and grocery stores
  16. Anything brewed for Stout Month – Mountain Sun/ Southern Sun/ Vine Street Pubs
  17. Chicago Dog – Top Dog in Coors Field
  18. Chicken Pesto Burrito – Illegal Pete’s
  19. Burger – My Brother’s Bar
  20. Greyhound – Cruise Room
  21. Smothered Chile Relleno – Brewery Bar II
  22. Beef Tacos – Los Carboncitos
  23. Shredded Buffalo Indian Taco – Tocabe, An American Indian Eatery
  24. Silver Coin Margarita – Lola
  25. Jerk wings- Eight Rivers

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